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AdvisorPress has the knowledge, experience and relationships to make your book a success. Our staff includes best-selling authors and retail book professionals to guide you from manuscript to promotion to sales. Our distribution network covers over 25,000 book retailers including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, and several major international bookstores. We also have great relationships with professional institutions to help market your book directly to your potential readers.

Not only is our service is the best in the industry, but OUR AUTHOR ROYALTIES ARE UP TO FIVE TIMES HIGHER THAN OUR COMPETITORS! We have developed new processes and adopted cutting edge technology to reduce the costs of publishing and we compensate authors accordingly. For instance, with our Variable Demand Support™ we provide print books, ebooks, and audio as it is requested. With traditional publishing methods, books must be ordered in large quantities requiring the publisher to receive, store, inventory, and ship copies. It is in large part due to the high overhead and uncertainty of traditional publishing methods that publishers are forced to pay low royalties to authors and cut back on service support to authors.

Since AdvisorPress is able to keep the costs and labor of production to a minimum, we are able to offer higher royalties, spend more time servicing the author and speed time to market. This enables AdvisorPress to not only make the book available for purchase sooner but it also allows for quick and easy revisions. We have found that most books require a regular revision process to keep them relevant and we are able to ensure your book will always be up to date, keeping the author in the forefront of their area of expertise.

In short, AdvisorPress cuts overhead and can be more flexible in our approach. What this means to the author is better support, higher commissions, and constantly relevant material.

Learn more, read some of our author profiles, or contact us for more information.


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