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AdvisorPress is part of your community. We understand the needs and opportunities of professional institutions. Our team of association professionals, educators, authors, and book industry professionals, has the skills and experience needed to make your publishing effort a success. We have an established track record of successfully publishing and distributing best-of-breed content.

AdvisorPress is dedicated to giving you the exposure and support you need. With long standing relationships in the professional and educational communities, AdvisorPress is able to help market your book directly to your potential readers. We also have great relationships with traditional retailers and wholesalers. In fact, AdvisorPress uses the largest wholesale network in the industry and we’ve already had two books reach the top five in sales at Amazon.com!

Our service is the best in the industry. Our entire team is at your disposal. If you wish we provide each of your authors with their own representative to educate and guide them through the publishing process. Since our reps are authors themselves, they understand the opportunities and pitfalls authors face. We are able to leverage our technology advantage and use our unique background to service you and your authors in ways other publishers can’t.

By using our innovative approach to publishing, AdvisorPress is able to provide higher royalties than traditional publishers offer. And unlike traditional publishers, our payment schedule is generous too. While most publishers pay royalty checks quarterly (and even then payments are usually one quarter behind sales) AdvisorPress pays our partners monthly. Furthermore, authors and institutions can view their sales online so they are able to plan ahead for royalty payments*. All this adds up to higher royalties, faster payment, and better accountability.

Our unique processes allow you not only to get paid fast, but to get published fast too. In traditional publishing it isn’t for months after a book is finished that it is available to be purchased by retailers. Additionally, because of large inventories, many books go years without being revised. In today’s quickly changing world, this can mean a book becomes outdated. Using our methods, we can have a book ready for order days after the book is finished. This not only allows a book to go to market quickly, but it allows us to make revisions easily and cost effectively, ensuring a book is always relevant.

AdvisorPress is the only publisher that can provide this level of service, experience, and skill in supporting institutions. And at AdvisorPress our promise is that we will continue to pioneer the latest developments in publishing and provide state of the art solutions that deliver higher sales, higher royalties, and better service to partners.

For more detailed information, see our brochure or contact us.


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