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Peter W. Johnson, Jr., PFP
Founder and CEO, AdvisorPress
B.S. in Finance, Santa Clara University

Peter is driven by the vision of using evolving publishing technologies to bring the knowledge of experts and teachers to the world, for the benefit of all.

Peter has over 28 years experience in technology and the financial services industry. The author of numerous articles published in trade and retail magazines on both topics, he has long been an advocate for the marriage of these two disciplines. In 1995, Peter founded AdvisorWorks, the first online community for investment professionals. In 2001, AdvisorWorks Publishing, later to become AdvisorPress, published its first book and e-book, quickly becoming an Amazon bestseller.

At AdvisorPress, Peter is the team leader, responsible for the organization and management of the AP team as well as business development. These responsibilities include creating strategic partnerships, developing authors community projects, and new product development.

Peter currently serves on the Board of Ethics for the 30,000 member Financial Planning Association, and is a past President of the Silicon Valley Chapter. He is the founder and owner of the financial planning firm PWJohnson Wealth Management, based in Sunnyvale, CA.

Jason Papier
Chief Operating Officer
B.S. Santa Clara University

Jason has a strong background in finance, operations, and the book industry. He worked at Barnes and Noble for over 5 years managing the operations, inventory, and marketing of their 40,000 square foot flagship store in San Jose. Additionally, he worked at the national level training employees on new software implementations including ordering systems, P.O.S. systems, and inventory systems. Through this work he gained an extensive knowledge of publishing, distribution, and retail sales operations.

Jason has also worked at Xerox PARC and Octopus Software holding various management positions in both the Finance and Operations departments. At AdvisorPress, Jason is responsible for the daily operations. This includes hardware, software, and web site maintenance; printing, distribution, and returns handling of physical books; and business and author royalty accounting.

Mattias Bergman
Chief Business Officer/Vice President of Channel Relations
M.B.A. Wharton School of Business
B.S. Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Penn State

Mattias has over 22 years experience in the management and application of technology in support of in-house clients' needs. This includes not only technology operations, but also customer service and marketing. He has tremendous experience in developing and driving new business models, including the Strategic Partners strategy and Alliance Partnership strategy at Sun Microsystems, strategies that have since been adopted industry wide. Mattias is committed to building community through the use of technology and innovation. He was formerly a member of the Board of Directors for the prestigious IDRC, the highest-level professional society representing the corporate real estate profession, and served as the President of their Northern California chapter.

At AdvisorPress, Mattias serves the dual functions of creating and managing the technology infrastructure and working with channel partners. This includes software development for production and distribution of e-books, as well as developing and managing relationships with online retailers.

Judy Lawrence
Author/Vice President of Author Relations
M.S. in Guidance and Counseling, University of Wisconsin
B.S. University of Wisconsin

Judy is an expert in marketing, media, and sales in the personal finance, publishing and e-book industries. She is a published author of 5 non-fiction books including the Budget Kit- a perennial best seller with over 300,000 copies in print. Judy is also the founder of 2 financial service companies and is a regular speaker, discussing budgeting issues, on both radio and television.

At AdvisorPress, Judy is the primary contact for authors. She helps authors through the production process, providing advice and support as needed; aids them with understanding contractual issues with current or past publishers as well as with AdvisorPress; and helps them with the marketing of their books, including getting placement on radio and television.

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