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Founded in 2001, AdvisorPress was created to make the knowledge, wisdom, and passion of financial professionals available to consumers through modern book publishing technology. From the beginning, AdvisorPress was one of the pioneers in ebook publishing and digital content. Early on, we added print services as well, and make books available through bricks-and-mortar, as well as larger internet bookstores, in the U.S. and the United Kingdom. Our catalog features financial planning books intended for professionals as well as consumers.

We take pride in a number of achievements over the years. We:

• Were the first small publisher to distribute ebooks through Amazon.com.

• Published the first private-label book for the largest financial planning professional association in the U.S., the 30,000-member Financial Planning Association.

• Published the top-selling budget and financial planning career books.

• Have established successful initiatives to promote financial literacy and understanding to the public through educational podcasts, as well as holding public seminars in independent bookstores and public libraries since the financial crisis of 2008.

Throughout it all, our goal has been -- and continues to be -- providing opportunities for consumers and industry professionals to benefit from the knowledge of financial practitioners and experts, using the latest technology to publish trustworthy and objective financial information effectively, efficiently, and affordably.


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